Coaching catalyzes what is best and makes it possible to identify and overcome barriers, to unlock the client’s best potential. Our focus is leadership development in a comprehensive sense: self-leadership, leadership of the team, leadership of the organization. This focus stems from our own experiences in companies, where we have experienced major shifts on both the individual and organizational level through committed leadership.

Numerous contexts represent opportunities for leadership development. Coaching can be especially effective during these following situations:
• Taking up a new posting in a different cultural context (country – company – affiliates – business expertise).
• Taking up a new role with increased responsibilities.
• A specifically challenging context
• Organization transformation….

Coaches are committed to identifying with their client the important aspects to work on and finding what will enable the client to develop their full potential in a manner that is most relevant and respectful for them. A similar situation, a similar challenge, but a different client may lead to a completely different working process. This is valid for all our coaching engagements, individual and collective. We may have our convictions, our views, and our experiences, but they will be used in order to understand and help the client step back rather than promoting a solution to put in place.

Coaching is an investment. It is very important to us that the company who invests in coaching feels confident that it is beneficial for the organization.
Some conditions are necessary to ensure a significant impact. The coaching can only be efficient if the coachee (individual or team) feels co-responsible for the results. Coachees can be fully committed from the start, or the co-responsibility can be established while building the coaching relationship. In both cases, it always remains an imperative for the success of the coaching.
The return on investment is often difficult to measure and some of the impacts will only be perceived in the long term. Nevertheless, we are convinced that it is important to establish indicative criteria to define the coaching results as for any investment of the company, and will always take the time to think through relevant indicators with our clients.

Studies are regularly published to better perceive the value of coaching. These include studies from the international Coach federation, annual reports from SHERPA organization, and a detailed study published in 2008 in the journal of pyschology: EXECUTIVE COACHING: IT WORKS!. All confirm that coaching has a strong impact but that a few conditions are key to its success.

We are craftspeople, we love our profession and always seek to learn and develop ourselves to be our best, we love diversity and international experiences. We are very passionate about the leadership development of our clients and believe in the servant leadership mindset.

If you are looking for a professional and tailored approach, where you can choose your level of implication, that will help you capitalize on what already exists in your organization, what functions well, and what you have already set up, we will be able to create the coaching set-up you need.

Coaching remains relatively new as a standardized profession and the terminology « coaching » is largely used with different meanings, creating a lot of confusion. Several associations have worked to formalize a framework to define the profession and have coordinated themselves to agree on a common code of ethics. Novarecum relies on the work of the International Coaching Federation to frame its practice and follows the ICF code of ethics.