Collective facilitation

Tailored coaching is our passion, we highlight below some processes that have been put in place at our clients’ request, and approaches we use regularly (with impact we witnessed.) We tailor the processes used according to our client’s needs and combine approaches that are relevant to the context.

Tailored workshop to support a transformation

These workshops are custom-built to support a transformation, often around a challenge to overcome. They are a mix of processes we master, and can be facilitated one by one or as part of a full framework in place to support a large transformation process. We start with a diagnostic and follow with work on the vision and the supporting of teams’ commitment and prioritization efforts.

Workshops to address performance in multicultural contexts

These workshops are built based on the Appreciative Inquiry approach combined with our expertise in multicultural contexts. They enable teams working in multicultural contexts to overcome potential barriers to efficiency, identify complementarities and establish modalities supporting collective performance.

Collective Transformation Lab

These Labs are geared towards teams or groups of stakeholders responsible for the transformation of an organization. We create a tailored experience adapted to our client’s needs in order to boost the dynamic of their transformation effort. Our designs are based on our experience in action learning, appreciative inquiry, design thinking and our own experiences of business transformation


Action Learning

Action Learning exists in different methodologies. It always refers to learning by doing as well as observing what we do to anchor new ways of doing. We see here a powerful methodology to open up as it enables both individual and organizational development in a learning mode (extremely positive).

What we practice at novarecum is based on process developed by Michael Marquardt: a structured approach that allows impactful learning.
We use this type of process to tackle complex challenges that require diverse views to advance further. Through this process, all group members develop skills they identified as key for them while advancing the challenge.

The process specifically allows us to question how the challenge presents itself, making sure the core issue is identified. It highlights how critical the presence of diversity is for the group to identify what is important. During this workshop, participants increase their awareness of potential blind spots that may lead them to work on the wrong issues due to the pressure to solve problems efficiently.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.” Einstein


For the last few years, we have integrated several codevelopment methodologies in Leadership development seminars. This idea was inspired from the process developed by Champagne and Payette, the Process Mentor and the case clinic from MIT. Through this practice, participants anchor new ways of doing in their day-to-day challenges, learn the benefit of interdependencies and asking for help, and develop their confidence in the capacity of others to support each other and solve problems.

Design Thinking

We mainly facilitate this process when partnering with other firms in large frameworks to discover out-of-the-box opportunities in mature organizations. When facilitating this process, we keep two objectives in mind: creating a breakthrough and developing the participants’ leadership through a better awareness of their own functioning and the system they belong to.

Appreciative Inquiry

This process developed by David Coperrider allows us to renew dynamics in blocked situations, stepping out of the problem solving approach to an identification of what works and how it can be reinforced and replicated in other domains.