novarecum as a company

Leadership for collective performance

Novarecum is an evolving structure. Its name comes out of latin, combining “novare” innovate and “cum” with, implying that innovation takes place in combination with others.

Novarecum is actually born in the States 10 years ago and was incorporated in France in 2019. Her calling is to support leadership development. She is a coaching boutique with multiple inspirations, hopefully you will enjoy her warm welcome.

Our conviction : to be a leader implies to be a servant leader and occurs at three levels

  • Leader of self
  • Leader of our team(s)
  • Leader of our organization(s)

And in a complex world, all these cannot occur without working with others in different manners, some forms not yet invented.

The story of novarecum’s creation illustrates what her founder and all persons who partner with her want to spread : a flexible and pragmatic organization serving a sustainable functioning for all stakeholders keeping in mind to remain in a learning mode.

Novarecum’s mission : to support our clients to value learning and to combine different views and perspectives. This focus appears in our liking international mix especially in our project teams.


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The founder

Nathalie Thoumyre

For 20 years, novarecum’s founder has contributed to numerous initiatives to bring about change in international contexts, initially as operational manager, then as a consultant and finally coach through different international postings (Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, States).
Nathalie received her training as a Leadership Coach at Georgetown University especially to develop her ability to accompany leaders in the transformation of their organization. She tailors processes to each client with an intentionally positive approach, accompanying the leaders in defining their needs. She helps them rely on their strengths, deepen what makes their action meaningful, and leverage on diversity in their teams to reach a sustainable performance. In order to achieve this, she regularly undertakes training to new approaches and tools as shown by her certifications and main referentials.
The creation of noveracum comes from Nathalie’s desire to keep working in a learning dynamic with others, in the benefit of her clients. Novarecum is a stakeholder in an ecosystem constituted of coaches and consultants with aligned values, strongly committed to business organization and the valuing of cultural diversity.

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