The founder of novarecum has developed a light, adaptable, and flexible structure anchored in strong foundations to best serve clients while preserving its learning capacity and partnering with strong experts in related areas.

Novarecum is a stakeholder in a bigger ecosystem constituted of coaching firms and consulting companies with aligned values, strongly committed to business organization and valuing cultural diversity. These partners can work in combination with or in prolongation of novarecum.

We help organizations and their leaders to bring their social purpose to life in order to make great social and business impact.

Based on the US East Coast, WCN has already been a partner for the past 10 years and is the pillar of novarecum in the US especially.

Preferred partners associated in recurring projects within novarecum. Especially team coaching

Novarecum partners regularly with internal coaches in order to capitalize on these complementing perceptions (internal /external).

Novarecum also relies on external supports who are real partners of its success in all areas key to a business practice such as digital support, graphic design, and data analysis, but not in the core of its coaching mission.

Our experience of working with diversified international partners makes it possible for us to create ad hoc project teams in an effective and meaningful way for our clients’ projects.