Team coaching

The necessity to transform most business models, the increasing complexity of the stakes encountered by companies and globalization make the ability to rely on performing collective rather than performing individuals critical.

Clients regularly ask us to facilitate teamwork or to help teams work on their functioning, their vision, and their mission. We have accompanied teams for several years on a step-by-step modality.

We also practice team coaching very similarly to individual coaching, the client being the team. This coaching engagement is recommended when the team is mature? and has important responsibilities or stakes, executive committees in challenging periods as the organization transformation, its internationalization or restructuring.

Key contexts when Team Coaching is recommended:

  • Recently formed team or new team leader
  • Merging of two teams
  • Team facing a drastic change of environment
  • Team malfunction or exhaustion
  • Need of innovation or to renew functioning processes
  • Need of dynamization after a challenging period

Topics we regularly address during Team Coaching

  • Topics we regularly address during Team Coaching
  • Better knowledge of each other to work better together
  • Leveraging the diversity of the team
  • The pillars for a performing team
  • Setting up a Team Charter
  • The team’s core mission

ICF Team coaching competencies