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novarecum, promoting the richness of learning

Our mission: to do everything in our power to help our clients make the most of the richness of learning, of combining different views and approaches; this is reflected in our commitment to an international outlook.

Group meeting
Years of experience in the US and France
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The company

An evolving structure

Novarecum is an evolutionary structure. Its name comes from a Latin distortion "novare" (to innovate) and "cum" (with, therefore including several people).

The structure was born in the United States in 2010 and was then reincorporated in France. Its purpose is to support leadership development.

Our vision

We are driven by one conviction: to be a leader is to be in the service of others, and this is done on several levels.

  • Leader of oneself
  • Leader of a team
  • Leader of an organization

And in our complex world, all this can only be done in close collaboration with others, in different forms, some of them to be invented...

Our spirit

The story of novarecum's creation illustrates the vision the founder and all the people who collaborate in novarecum's projects want to share: a flexible and pragmatic organization, in the service of a sustainable operation for the benefit of all stakeholders, remaining in a continuous learning approach.

Nathalie Thoumyre portrait

Nathalie, the founder

Nathalie has contributed to numerous change management projects in international contexts over the past twenty years, first as an operational manager, then as a consultant and coach, thanks to international professional positions (Japan, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, United States).

Trained in coaching at Georgetown University, USA, to develop her leadership skills at the heart of organizational transformation, Nathalie develops approaches adapted to each client. She uses a resolutely positive approach to accompanying the client in their request, helping them to capitalize on their strengths (appreciative approach), deepen what gives meaning to their actions, and take advantage of the diversity within their teams for a sustainable performance. To do this, she regularly undergoes training in new approaches and tools: her certifications and her preferred reference systems.

The establishment of novarecum comes from Nathalie's desire to remain in a dynamic learning approach when interacting with others, in the service of her clients. Novarecum is part of an ecosystem of coaches and consultants who share the same values, who are committed to business and positive impact, as well as the richness of cultural diversity.

Access to Nathalie Thoumyre's complete biography and certifications.

Our ecosystem

Nathalie Thoumyre, the founder of novarecum, wished for a light, scalable, adaptable structure to serve her clients in the most appropriate way possible. Novarecum is part of a larger ecosystem made up of coaching companies and consultants who share the same values, who are attached to business and positive impact, to the richness of cultural diversity, to learning approaches, and who are passionate about leadership development. They can intervene as an extension or complement to novarecum.

Novarecum regularly collaborates with internal coaches in order to put to work the double internal/external view. Our habit of working with diversified and international partners allows us to set up ad hoc cooperations in an effective and relevant way with actors in related fields, in particular specialists in digital or data processing.

West Coaching Network

Based on the East Coast of the United States, and a partner for the past 10 years, the West Coaching Network is a resource for local intervention capabilities in the United States in particular.

Be Leadership

A British company specialized in the development of social leadership skills. Be Leadership helps organizations and their leaders achieve their growth objectives while developing a strong societal impact.

Walden Sasu & Beelonging

Privileged partners associated with recurring projects within novarecum, notably team coaching.

Our certifications

We wished for a lean, scalable, adaptable structure, anchored on solid foundations to better serve its clients in the most adjusted way possible, preserving its capacity to learn and partner with related expertise skills.

Hogan Certification
ICF, PCC Certification
TMS & TLP Certifications
The leadership Circle Certification
DISC Certification
The International Profiler® & The International Team Trust Indicator®
Georgetown University, Leadership Coaching Certification
Action Learning WIAL Certification
Systems Praticioners Union
Co-development Certification and adapted practice from the Champagne and Payette process

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