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Individual coaching

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This coaching is specific to leaders.

It is particularly relevant in periods of transformation. In these periods, a neutral space allows the leader to freely express their fears, hesitations, and aspirations, to be challenged and thus to take a step back without impacting the organization.

They thus avoid the risk of becoming withdrawn, can remain open to risky options and keep the ability to positively engage their teams.

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Being accompanied during these periods saves a lot of time, particularly by avoiding the risks of failure and burnout.

It is certainly a gift from the company, but with a good return on investment and a leadership development opportunity that will be impactful in subsequent roles.

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These three accompaniments are of the same nature. Nathalie Thoumyre and novarecum help the person to grasp his or her specificity, which makes him or her valuable to the company, and help him or her to perceive what is important for him or her to develop for the company.

It is also an opportunity to identify and address potential misalignments, so that the person him/herself can contribute to the company, while ensuring his/her professional and personal development.

This is the best way to retain the profiles identified as valuable.

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This coaching is part of novarecum's DNA.

It leads to an awareness of the different frames of reference that the manager must integrate into their management style.

It allows the creative potential of multicultural teams to be deployed by learning to identify and overcome possible blocking factors and thus benefit from the richness of complementarity.

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It is a coaching process that usually takes two or three sessions. It often happens that a certain context renders decision making difficult.

It is then useful to have a neutral professional partner who, through their questions, their silences, their reformulations, helps to make the decision.

The coach may, if necessary, suggest extending the support if this difficulty is linked to other important issues to be worked on.

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