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Welcome. We are a coaching boutique with multiple inspirations, you will appreciate our warm and personalized welcome. We accompany individuals and teams so that they become leaders in the service of the organization.

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The story of novarecum's creation illustrates the vision the founder and all the people who collaborate on novarecum's projects want to share: a flexible and pragmatic organization, in the service of a sustainable and efficient operation for the benefit of all stakeholders, with the concern of remaining in a continuous learning approach.

novarecum's mission: to do everything possible to help our clients make the most of the richness of remaining in a learning approach; to help them combine different viewpoints and approaches in an impactful and efficient way. This is reflected in our commitment to an international outlook.

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What clients say about us

Thanks to Nathalie's support, I got back to my passion for management.
C.S, VP Legal - Pharmaceutical Company
In particular Ms Thoumyre’s professionalism is consistently demonstrated through her clear and focused manner that greatly facilitates issue spotting, challenges basic assumptions and helps sketch out various options for consideration… Ms Thoumyre’s client-centered approach enables her to tailor coaching sessions and supporting materials so that they are relevant to a particular clients.
P.M, Senior Adviser - Bio Tech
I had no idea that the coaching would be as helpful as it was. The job I am in is a position where I am quite isolated and the opportunity to openly talk about issues in a safe and non-judgmental manner did help me see issues more clearly.
P.D, Operations Director - Banking sector
Very positive. Coaching has allowed me to move forward in a positive way (rather than under pressure), to approach my goals with more serenity and focus, to gain confidence in myself and my abilities, and to make structuring decisions.
C.C, RH in transition

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